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Clay Supplies and Equipment

Pottery Events, Resources, & Education




Clay Basics

Different Types of Clay; Digging and Preparing Your Own Clay


Understanding Cones; What is Raku; Calculating Kiln Volume; Diagnosing Common Electric Kiln Ailments

Forming Techniques

Basic Wheel-throwing Steps; Different Types of Lids; Making Your Own Press Molds; Terrific Teapots; How to Make Drip-free Spouts


Combination Glazing Techniques; Experimenting with Colorants; Experimenting with Line Blends; Glaze Chemistry Without Fear; Glaze Ingredient Substitutions; Glossary of Glaze Components; Lowering High-fire Glazes; Barium Glazes, How Safe? Part One; Common Sense About Barium Leaching: Part Two; Testing for Barium Leaching: Part Three

Health and Safety

Respirators & Dust Masks, Part One; Respirators & Dust Masks, Part Two; Material Safety Data Sheets; Potting When You're Pregnant; Preventing Physical Strain; Barium Glazes, How Safe? Part One; Common Sense About Barium Leaching Part Two; Testing for Barium Leaching Part Three

Marketing and Business

Assembling a Display Booth; Marketing Your Claywork; Pricing, Displaying, and Wholesaling; Promotional Materials; Developing Your Own Style

Studio Maintenance

Caring for Your Kiln Shelves; Production Pottery Tips; How to Build a Transmission Wheel; Recipe to Purge Lead From Kiln; Setting up an Efficient Studio; Setting up a New Studio
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