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Supplementary Glaze Formulas
Current Print Issue of
Clay Times

for Cone 10 Reduction
Single Firing Technique
(scroll down for recipes)

provided by John Fulwood

To see more work by
John Fulwood, log onto

Above: Wave Platter (top) with applied slip and multiple sprayed glazes,
including SH Strontium Crystal Magic, Spotted Black, 2D Blue, and Hanna's Fake Ash.
Bottom: Flared Bowl with SH Blue Ash Glaze sprayed over Plum Red glaze.
(Refer to Autumn/Pre-Holiday 2011 print edition of Clay Times for additional recipes.)

St. John's Black

Semi-gloss black. This glaze will turn blue over or under Rosier's White or Aerni Ash (Aerni Ash recipe featured in Autumn/
Pre-Holiday 2011
Clay Times Magazine).

Silica 27.42%
Nepheline Syenite 26.15
EPK 20.92
Custer Feldspar 13.70
Dolomite 7.00
Whiting 4.81

TOTAL 100%

add Bentonite 2.09%
add Red Iron Oxide 3.11%
add Cobalt Carbonate 5.23%


Rosier's White

Gloss to opaque white. This glaze works well over or under most other glazes.

Custer Feldspar 33.94%
Silica 29.5
Dolomite 20.89
Ball Clay 8.35
Whiting 7.31

TOTAL 100%


add Tin Oxide 5.22%
add Zinc Oxide 3.13%
add Strontium Carbonate .78%

10-oz. Spiral Mug by John Fulwood
features St. John's Black inside;
Aerni Ash sprayed outside with
St. John's Black sprayed on top.

12" Pitcher by John Fulwood features Plum Red over
Rosier's White glaze.




NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all CT glaze recipes are listed in
percentage by weight, and should be tested before regular use.

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