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WINTER 2013 classified marketplace

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    • Arts Community seeks smart, happy people. Intentional, sustainable, arts-oriented community located in the NC mountains near Penland School of Crafts. Forest preserve, hiking trails, organic farm site, green-built houses. Makers and appreciators of clay (and other arts) welcome! www.HighCove.com
    • Two-story 3-bedroom home with large 3-level concrete and steel construction SCULPTURE AND CERAMICS STUDIO — Large gas-fired kiln in basement. Large moving hoist on top level. Two fireplaces. Previous home to professor emeritus of sculpture and ceramics, Bert Keeney. One residential lot. One block from Pittsburg State University (enrollment 7,000), in Pittsburg, Kansas. $100,000. Two-bedroom cottage next door on two residential lots. $50,000. Prefer selling together. Jones Realty; tel. 620.231.6800.
    • POTTERY and HOUSE FOR SALE — Established pottery (37 years) on a major highway, 12 miles from Chapel Hill, NC. Eight acres on a major river, studio (24' x 36'), kiln building (20' x 30'), sales building (two-story restored log cabin (16' x 18'). The house is 1500-1700 sq. ft., master suite, two generous baths, Jacuzzi, French country kitchen, all natural gas. New heater, air and hot water heater. Large studio is well-equipped w/gas kiln (aged Bailey), large Skutt electric kiln, small updraft gas kiln, wheels, slab roller, damp boxes, work tables, shelves, chemicals, and much more. Large customer base. Must see to believe! E-mail: joycethepotter@embarqmail.com
    • Retired potter selling equipment — 30-ton Press, 24 Molds & Masters training included, Mold Lift, Slab Roller, Gas Car Kiln, 50 12x24 Shelves, Hundreds of Kiln Furniture, Oxiprobe, Olympic Kiln with Electronic Controller, Show Equipment, much more. Call (305) 664-0013 or e-mail: johnk1110@hotmail.com.


          • PRATTMWP SOA GALLERY — The PrattMWP SOA Gallery enriches the educational programs of the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute. The easily accessible space directly on campus, awards exhibitions to highly qualified artists in a range of different media. Six shows per academic year support the School and provide cultural enrichment to the surrounding community. Artists are given the opportunity to offer a gallery talk/and/or presentation to PrattMWP students and community members. To submit, the deadline for next year is March 15th, 2014 (postmark date). For more info: http://www.mwpai.org/school-of-art/school-of-art-gallery/
        • JOIN AMERICANPOTTERS.COM TODAY! Be a part of a national, searchable database for FREE. Or an “online gallery/portfolio” to sell your work, without commissions. If you have a Web site, join with a “link” page. All information is editable by you, without Web knowledge. Go to http://www.americanpotters.com and click on “FAQ” for more info.
        • K-12 Ceramic Exhibition — The 16th Annual K-12 Ceramic Exhibition opened in March, 2013 at the NCECA Conference, Houston, TX. 17th Annual event is open to K-12 students by teacher entry. Check out past award winners and their works online at www.k12clay.org.

        • SERVICES
        • WEB SITES FOR POTTERS — We specialize in custom designed sites for artists, craftspeople. New sites, redesigns, maintenance. Visit www.webkazoo.com or call 860.664.9593.


        • STRONG ARM CENTERING AND OPENING TOOL— Potters, stop causing injury to your wrists, thumbs, and shoulders ... center and open clay in seconds! This is the greatest tool for production potters, studio potters, and schools. Get past the drudgery of centering and opening clay so you can focus on the real art and craft of making better pots! Watch the video at www.marcspotterytools.com
        • GLAZECAL —A conversion chart to calculate glaze recipe percentages to the correct gram weight. Performs 16,000 glaze calculations in seconds. No math/computer programs needed. Portable. Reduce glaze calculation errors and save on raw materials! FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS. MSRP $37.99. Visit www.claytimes.com/store.html for purchasing information.
        • GREAT NEW HANDBUILDING TEMPLATES! A set of 24 durable, flexible, laminated templates to create circular & conical forms. Developed over many years by potter & teacher, Sandi Pierantozzi. Perfect for potters or teachers.Start having fun creating new forms with CircleMatic Form Finder! www.CircleMatic.com
        • WIZIWIG PROFILE RIBS — Shape consistent profiles into your clay. Throw a cylinder, use a WiziWig Rib, and “instantly” have a mug, beer stein, wine goblet, and more! Great for sets! WIZIWIG CAVITY STICKS go into unimaginable places at many different angles. WiziWig Sticks provide tools with small points and unique shapes. WiziWig Sticks allow potters to get into the “nooks and crannies” and shape the clay where their fingers can’t reach. See www.WiziWigTools.com
        • Strong Arm Centering and Opening Tool — Potters, stop causing injury to your wrists, thumbs, and shoulders. Center and open clay in seconds! This is the greatest tool for production potters, studio potters, and schools. Get past the drudgery of centering and opening clay so you can focus on the real art and craft of making better pots! Watch the video at www.marcspotterytools.com
        • Check out our expanded selection of downloadable CT back issues, tools, potter’s T-shirts, & more when you subscribe or renew your Clay Times subscription online! Log onto www.claytimes.com/store.html or call 800.356.2529

        • Order Great Glazes I & II for just $15 each at the Clay Times online store. Featuring dozens of our favorite glaze recipes from the first 12 years of CT, both books include formulas for all types of firing including low-fire earthenware, cone 6 oxidation, cone 10 reduction, raku, and more! Excellent resources for everyone’s glaze library. Special sale: Go paperless and get both compete books on CD, in PDF format, for just $21.95! To order, visit http://www.claytimes.com/store/glazebook.html or call toll-free 800.356.2529.

        • WANTED: Studio Pottery by Ruth Perdew, a great Denver Potter in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. E-mail tom.turnquist@comcast.net or call 303.988.0442.

        • Elizabeth GLz Designs presents: A Creative Journey with Ceramics and Mixed Media —Online Course. Two modules with step-by-step instructions and videos. Module 1 has 12+ ceramic projects made with clay slabs. Learn to reproduce in less time with less cost, and sell them to stores. Information: http://elizabethglz.com/register



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