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(Pre-holiday 2011 issue bonus poster pictured below)CTAutumn2011poster

Formulas for glazes used by cover artist John Fulwood appear in the Autumn/Pre-Holiday 2011 issue of Clay Times (so does the separate poster pictured at the top of this page).


For additional glaze formulas, click here.


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Autumn/Pre-Holiday 2011 Clay Times
Cover Story SIDE NOTES

• Cover artist John Fulwood is also inventor of "The Fulwood Measure," a tool that allows production potters easy hands-free measurement of wheel-thrown works to assure speed and consistency. It's ideal for precise measurement of one-of-a-kinds works, too! For details on the tool, click HERE.

•If you live in the Flemington, NJ area and would like to learn more about John Fulwood's techniques, consider signing up for one of his classes.


To view more images of John Fulwood's claywork, click HERE.

To see a list of John Fulwood's retail galleries, click HERE.

To e-mail John Fulwood, click HERE.

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